Wednesday, September 12, 2007

confessions of a(n irregular) blogger

No more. No more apologies. No more high-handedness. No more excuses. No this. And no that. And definitely, no more promises or resolutions to keep this blog thing a regular affair (I mean come on! Who am I kidding??!! )

So here I am.

Let me just delve into why this whole maintain-your-blog-regularly can be tough. I'm not trying to buy any sympathy here or defending myself (what do I need to defend myself for anyway??!!). I'm just .... trying to tell it like it is ...

Apparently, people who write go through this thing called writer's block, an inability to write , to take the idea further. Not that it applies to me; I'm hardly a writer. Yet, here I am, going through my own writer's block, a complete anti-thesis of it really. Imagine if you will, a horde of mad, over-obese idiots making a run for the last free McDonald's lunch hamper, strategically placed right across the entrance. They all try to get in at the same time. And eventually who gets through? ... No one. So that's the deal with me : I have tons of these starved, crazy, over-obese idiots in the form of ideas and opinions, just dying to be heard, dying to be expressed, dying to be let go off. But none of them are able to make it to this blog because they all want to get in at the same time .... This is just one of the reasons. God knows how many more there are!

In short, there's a whole lot of stuff to write about, but I'm just not able to get my lazy ass to it. I remind myself to update my blog and then I'm reminded of being myself, being lazy. It frustrates me no end. I mean, imagine that - my own laziness is frustrating me and I'm not doing anything about it ! It's right there, harrassing the wits out of me and I'm not doing a thing about it. Height of laziness.

I've had at least 3 other decent drafts that I saved over the last few months; I'll be posting them (When? I don't know). I just haven't had the conviction to finish it in one sitting. I mean, just take this entry for example. I started this one at w**k, at my of***e (yes, I fear Big Brother over there) and ended up finishing it two (make that three, no four) days later at home!

In a way, this blog resembles me in one way or another. This is me : lazy, unsatisfied with what-I-can-do-but-don't-do, irregular, unpredictable ..... instinctive maybe ... Oh well, whatever ... I've made it this far, so I'm happy.

Recommended movie (English) :

Eagle VS. Shark ( &

I saw this movie at the Cleveland Film Festival earlier this year. It was screened on the last day; usually, the good movies are saved for the last day of a film festival. So naturally, I was looking forward to it. Eagle Vs. Shark is a very different, weird comedy. It's about two rather confused people. Jarrod's aim in life is to get back at the fat kid who bullied him in high school. Lily's aim in life is to find a nice guy. More than anything else, it was fun just to listen to the Kiwi (Kiwii refers to New Zealand btw) accent - it's groooovaaay! You want to know something about the Kiwi accent? They pronounce the 'i' as 'e' - so 'puppy' becomes 'puppay'. 3 times 2? .... Sex (this is how their trans-Tasman rivals - the Aussies - love to tease the Kiwis) !