Saturday, August 01, 2009

get lost

Ever since I can remember, I've always been constantly reminded about how lost or confused I am. And I don't even mean lost from the inside. It shows on my face as well. I'm not necessarily placing the entire blame on others, some of it is also situational and it's right in my face. The idea of feeling lost is weird, it makes you feel as if, at some level, you're alone. You're supposed to tread a path with others. I guess the realization of being lost only hits you when you find yourself on your own. I don't know. You start comparing yourself to others, see what they did that you didn't. And it's absolutely normal: when something isn't the way it's supposed to be, you look at what others are doing. 

My point is that feeling lost shouldn't feel wrong. No reason to. Let me give you an analogy. Say you're driving to this new restaurant where you're supposed to meet up with your friends. You're driving. And along the way, you miss a turn. Then, you miss another. And on and on. By now, you're just guessing and hoping that the next turn will get back 'on track.' But what about all the nice restaurants you're driving past all the while you're supposedly lost. (I wonder if I've stumbled upon a philosophical side to owning a GPS. I think I have, haven't I? Hmmm ..... brilliant ! :) ) 

Being lost can't be such a bad thing. You're in a newer place, and that's a good thing. You've seen something new, which you might not have had you followed 'the path.' You can now connect 'the path' with this new one. It probably seems like I'm going to extreme measures to justify my situation. Maybe I am. But to me, it makes complete sense. Being lost, being confused is a good thing. I've seen more, experienced more, learnt more than I ever could've, had I owned 'the GPS.' And you know what? I'm still lost!